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Kirk Integrative Physical Therapy

Advanced Manual Therapy
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At Kirk Integrative Physical Therapy patient care is focused on finding and treating the root cause of your issues, ailments and conditions, versus treating symptoms. Your body knows the answers for its own healing.

Get to Know Us

Brandi Kirk, PT, PRPC, CVTP, is a leading licensed physical therapist, with over 26 years of experience offering patients an integrated whole-body approach to healing. She has extensive training in evaluation techniques to find the core root of your dysfunction versus just treating symptoms. Once the root and the chain of restrictions have been found, Brandi utilizes an array of advanced manual therapies to assist your body’s own self-healing process, including visceral manipulation, neuro manipulation, vascular manipulation, manual articular techniques, and internal vaginal and rectal releases.

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What's the difference?

Traditional Physical Therapy has a high success rate, but it doesn’t work for everyone. When it’s not successful, we must utilize integrative techniques to  find and treat the cause of the symptoms, which may not be the area of the complaint. I know this may sound odd, so let me explain. At Kirk integrative Physical Therapy, we utilize two concepts to assist in finding the root cause: The interconnectedness of the body and the Container/Contents Theory.



Anyone who is lucky enough to be treated by Brandi will understand my comments. Rather than detail my particular problems, I can hopefully help by telling you that I started seeing Brandi for some 30 -year- old unresolved childbirth issues, followed by residual pain from one surgery, and finally saw her immediately after complex major surgery to aid in recovery.  In each case I was amazed after each treatment how much Brandi helped me. Particularly after my last surgery, I needed her help to just move. Her treatment is not necessarily just for pain- it is to free your body to function as it should.  She is highly skilled, knowledgeable, and I believe gifted. She commits herself to each person- and as they are treated, uncovers their body's secrets.  I knew each time I saw her, I would walk away feeling better.  I never thought twice about the private pay part after my first visit. Her talents are unique, therefore Brandi’s treatments cannot be compared to PT paid by insurance.  I have seen a multitude of traditional PTs over the years, but I can't explain how grateful I was to be able to be treated by Brandi...Brandi is one of a kind and I would encourage anyone to make an appointment with her.

Mei L

I am happy to recommend Brandi of Kirk Integrative Physical Therapy. She is a highly skilled practitioner of Visceral and Neural Manipulation whose palpation and listening techniques help her zero in where the tissue is needing to be released. Over the years, she has helped me with long-held chronic pain due to scar tissue from an old surgery, and with fascial and visceral restrictions from a recent back surgery. She also zoned in on digestive issues that were frequently plaguing me. My experience is one of awe and gratefulness at how she finds and treats the source of my pain with immediate results. I know (from past experience) that a traditionally trained therapist would not have been able to get to the source of the issues as quickly nor as accurately as Brandi. Being able to use my HSA was a plus; but even if that were not available, the personal care and expertise received here outweighs paying out-of-pocket. I have seen that as physical therapy treatments become more cookie-cutter, and the price of time with a practitioner exceeds the value, finding someone as knowledgeable and caring as Brandi is like finding gold.

Joy S

I’m also a physical therapist, so I sought advice from other experienced PTs when I needed an expert to treat my debilitating pain and scarring after abdominal surgery. Brandi was the top recommendation since she is well-known in the professional community as one of the most highly skilled, if not THE most skilled, practitioner in the country for visceral mobilization. I traveled 4 hours round trip and paid out of pocket for treatments, but it was worth every penny. Brandi is incredibly intuitive and knowledgeable, and treatments were gentle but thorough.  My pain and ability to function drastically improved, far more than the improvement I had achieved from a previous round of standard pelvic floor physical therapy with a different PT. I consider myself lucky that I was able to receive Brandi's skilled and compassionate care.


When I first came to see Brandi, I was suffering from extreme neck pain and immobility. In addition, I had low back pain. I had tried many different treatments and was getting little relief.

At that point, I had seen multiple practitioners and tried many methods. As a physician, I have access and knowledge of many different methods and practices. I thought I had tried everything. I was referred to Brandi by another practitioner.

When I learned that her services were out of pocket, I was hesitant. However, since nothing else was working, I decided to try one treatment. I realized in the first treatment that I had experienced more permanent relief than I had in multiple treatments with other practitioners. I decided to continue. Investing in my long-term health was a priority for me and the cost- benefit was well worth it.

As Brandi started working with me, restrictions that had been limiting me for years slowly began loosening. I was finally getting more mobility and experiencing less pain.

Brandi has a kind and gentle approach and at the same time is also very focused and systematic. She has a superb knowledge of anatomy and a diverse repertoire of treatment methods. She always exudes positive and caring energy which is vital to healing. She is very talented, yet very humble and prioritizes the safety and well-being of her patients.

I cannot say enough good things about Brandi, her abilities, character, and skill. I am so grateful for her and the positive impact she has had on me in my healing journey.

Daniela B

I am a 60-year-old female who has worked as a Physical Therapist for over 30 years. I had been suffering from urinary incontinence as well as severe R hip pain which started 1 year following a partial hysterectomy for excessive bleeding. I tried conventional physical therapy with a pelvic health therapist as well as an orthopedic therapist for my R hip pain. I also tried chiropractic treatments with minimal success. I had a strong feeling that my hip pain and my urinary incontinence were related since they started at about the same time. I had taken some courses on visceral manipulation and cranio-sacral therapy. I knew that the assessments taught would go to the root of the problem even if different from the symptoms. I sought out a therapist who could provide a more complete assessment and treatment using these techniques, even though it was not covered by my insurance plan.

Brandi Kirk performed a complete medical history and physical assessment. She determined that scar tissue from my hysterectomy was causing both my urinary incontinence and hip pain. One treatment was enough to eliminate my urinary incontinence. My hip pain was much more stubborn. Not only was my hip pain caused by scar tissue, but also by nerve entrapment, soft tissue injury, and emotional trauma. Brandi was able to use somato-emotional release, myo-facial release, techniques as well as techniques to release entrapped nerves, ligaments, etc. to provide lasting relief. Subsequent treatments helped alleviate much of my hip pain and set me on the road to recovery.

Brandi Kirk is a skilled therapist who can determine the root of the problem and provide lasting improvements in the least amount of time. This is well worth paying out of pocket.

Lisa W

I have seen a lot of medical practitioners over the years, but Brandi (Kirk Integrative Physical Therapy) delivers top notch individualized care. She truly listened to my concerns and helped to develop a plan to work through them. Over the seven (or more) years I worked with her, together we worked through my incontinence issues, recovery from hip surgery, recovery from shoulder procedures, a back injury, two pregnancies with vaginal births, and severe plantar fasciitis. I highly recommend seeking her out for all of your needs, you will be in the best of hands!

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