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Marina A.

I am very grateful to Brandi Kirk for giving me my life back.  When exercising with some heavier weights, I inadvertently lost my grip on one of the weights and ended up rotating my pelvis to the point where I couldn’t walk normally.  Before learning about Brandi, I went to see other physical therapists who tried to help me, but my pelvis would just rotate back out of alignment.  Someone insisted I go see Brandi because she is highly skilled in the additional knowledge of other incredible therapies.  Sure enough, at my first appointment with her, Brandi found the root cause of my problem.  Over some time as she gently worked on me, she successfully got my pelvis into proper alignment, and I am able to walk again without pain!  Even though I paid out-of-pocket, it was well worth it for Brandi to realign my pelvis correctly and to even fix other related issues.  In fact, I found that my cost for in-network physical therapy was actually more in the long run because it had more sessions, which were not even helping my issue.  Furthermore, my sessions with Brandi were 1-on-1 in a private room for 1 hour in a peaceful atmosphere.  Brandi is a very talented gem of a physical therapist, and patients in her new location are extremely fortunate to have her treat them.

Patient Spotlight

Amanda's Story

I initially went to Kirk Integrative Physical Therapy because I was told pelvic floor therapy was necessary by my OBGYN so that I could better tolerate internal exams, but I came out of my treatment with so much more than that. Going in with unknown trauma and a whole ton of anxiety, felt like a nightmare. How was I going to let someone do work internally and not completely fall to pieces. For my entire adult life, I always flinched, clenched, felt pain, and left in tears during my annual OBGYN appointments. There was so much shame in that as well. I was so embarrassed by my reactions, I was so ashamed that my body did what it did and wasn’t like everyone else. Those appointments were YEARLY. How on earth was I going to let someone I don’t really know work on me WEEKLY doing the same thing. So I knew that if I was going to do that, then I wanted it to be somewhere that other’s trusted, and so I went to Michelle and asked her if I could see you. I trusted her, and she obviously trusted you, so that was good enough for me to get started. From the moment I walked in I felt a sense of peace and safety in that space. I was still terrified, but definitely less so. That is the atmosphere you created. That doesn’t exist other places. It is an energy that you bring to your treatment spaces that is so rare. It was truly impactful for me. So that alone is something that I want to let others know. 

Mostly though, I’m so grateful for all that you have done for me. You talked me through things and you taught me through things, which for me, made everything so much less scary. I loved learning that doing work externally was necessary to help aid the work that needed to be done internally. Knowing that everything was connected, that my nerves, tendons, muscles and organs all played a part in helping to alleviate the pain and difficulty I had with OBGYN exam quieted those thoughts in my head that said I was wasting time by not doing the internal work. You let me be in charge of moving forward with internal work. It was my choice every time and you always gave me the choice to end it if I needed to. I think my favorite part was when you told me it was a rule in your treatment room that I needed to be present, so if I felt myself dissociating then we would stop. It just made me feel seen. The first time I had internal work done, I absolutely dissociated and I had a trauma response afterwards and you accepted that and made sure that I checked in with my therapist. Again, I felt seen. While the trauma response isn’t something I may ever get rid of, the dissociating was completely gone by the end of our time together. I went from flinching and having intense pain at the beginning, to almost letting my leg rest on your shoulder and to pain only associated with certain trigger points. Even those were miles away from what I initially felt. So yes, you helped me do a lot of work physically, but most importantly you helped me do a lot of work emotionally and psychologically. That again, was rare, and you didn’t need to touch that. I didn’t accept that I had trauma and I beat myself up over my body reactions. I lived in fear of annual exams and felt that I would never be able to have a sexual relationship. You validated my trauma in the way you knew I would accept it. Scientifically and medically :) You validated that for me, and because of that I could begin to heal. While my fear and anxiety are not 100% gone, I know how to tolerate it now.

So, you see, there is so much success in my treatment, but so much of it came from you. It’s hard to write something simple…but if I had to sum it up, which does not feel right, I would say that at Kirk Integrative Physical Therapy, I went from intense pain and completely checking out of my body during internal exams, to minimal pain, and learning how to tolerate and work through my body’s responses to trauma that you helped me to accept. It sounds trite, and certainly doesn’t do justice to what you did for me. I am forever changed, and I could not have done that in a run of the mill physical therapy clinic. I would have left after the first internal session. Immediately. So thank you for creating a space filled with peace, comfort, safety, healing energy, and positivity.

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